05 December 2021
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Shaolin black belt fights off two street attackers

How to tie your belt


Advice To Beginners

Who Can Learn Shaolin Boxing?

Anyone from the age of 8 can learn our methods and become an effective exponent of Shaolin Kickboxing. Whatever your size or build, however strong, flexible or fit you are, everyone has the potential to achieve a level of athleticism and skill they would not have thought possible. Although our style incorporates physical fitness and body conditioning, we strongly emphasise the importance of technique and practical application, particularly when it comes to learning our effective methods of self-defence. We teach focus, self-discipline, control and strength of body and mind. A healthy and focussed mind is of critical importance in the martial arts as indeed in all walks of life!  

The Chief Instructor demonstrating some techniques in Shaolin's own kickboxing ring

The first few sessions are daunting for everyone. Although the movements will initially seem complicated and confusing, with regular training they will become easier to follow and more natural. You will soon begin to realise the benefits of training, gaining both in confidence and strength and feeling a huge sense of achievement as you see your abilities develop.


 Chief Instructor supervises a stretching session at the Aldenham class. This stretch particularly helps improve side, back and turning kicks


It is important as a beginner that you train at a gradual pace. Advanced Shaolin Kickboxing students achieve a high degree of strength and flexibility. These will build with regular training and cannot be achieved overnight.


Push ups in class  - an old fashioned but very effective exercise if done well