05 December 2021
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Self Defence - 1

I would like to pass on these techniques to you, in case one day you find yourself being attacked. Situations may vary,  but these techniques will give you some idea as to how to react correctly. Frankly, it is not very difficult to protect yourself in an emergency if you are adequately trained under Shaolin Kickboxing.

Initially, try to practice the techniques slowly and carefully to avoid unnecessary injuries. Later, of course, you can speed up your movements and apply more force on your partner(s) when you have become more proficient. (Kingsley Morgan, Chief Instructor)

Practical Self Defence (1) 


                         Face to face                                                                                                Attacker grabs the hand  



     Defender grabs with left pull attacker forward                                                                   Defender kicks to the groin


                                                                                                       Turning under the arm requires speed



     Lock to secure the arm from behind                                                                                            Grab the hair


                                                                                      Stamp behind the leg to take down the attacker

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