05 December 2021
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*          Increase your fitness level

*          Condition and tone your body

*          Gain confidence and strength

*          Improve posture and flexibility

*          Relieve stress and tension

*          Make new friends

*          Easy step by step techniques

*          Friendly atmosphere

*          Grading system enabling steady progression with achievable goals -Gradings held every 3-4 months

*          Beginners are always welcome

*          Fun, lively classes



Basic but effective movements


Grading participants, July 2011


So many good reasons to start Shaolin Kickboxing

You will learn to defend yourself, gain self-confidence, strength and mental focus. You will also increase your fitness level, balance and co-ordination.  

 Our training will condition and tone the whole of your body and you will improve your posture and flexibility. You will become self-motivated and cope better in stressful situations. But most importantly you will make new friends and have fun.

Whilst Shaolin Kickboxing is a full contact style the safety of beginners is our number one concern and active steps are taken to ensure this.  All instructors are highly qualified, with additional first aid training, and will be able to guide and advise you in all aspects of training.