05 December 2020
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Breaking 3 breeze blocks with the back
of the hand - a very difficult technique!


Demonstrating a devastating throw



Chief Instructor - Continued

He continues to this day to learn and improve his ability and art by training 5 days a week, 3 times a day at a highly professional level with specialist trainers using modern, scientifically approved techniques specialising in practical applications. Ultimately, he has proved his ability by competing against experts in other styles of martial artists in the ring at their own arts. These have included: Thai Boxing, PKA, WKA, CKO, Wu Shu Kwan and Kyokushinkai. Kingsley has fought successfully around the world in countries such as Spain, Holland, France, Sweden, USA and Thailand. His competition record spans over nineteen years, with well over sixty fights and only two defeats.

After "cleaning up" on the circuit by holding titles at World, European and British level and defending these titles on a number of occasions, Kingsley decided to launch the modern and practical art of Shaolin Kickboxing. This has grown rapidly in London and Hertfordshire.

What started as a young boy's dream, to realise his potential, led to a personal quest for excellence that is now also available to anyone training in Shaolin Kickboxing.

Fight Gallery

The reigning PKA World Champion (Professional Kickboxing Association), receives some heavy punishment from a young Kingsley. The fight was stopped in the 3rd round after Kingsley's opponent lost two of his teeth.

Ex World Champion Kingsley moves to a neutral corner when his opponent refused to come out to face him for the 5th round of this epic fight. 



Keeping his eye on his opponent between rounds Kingsley maintains the psychological pressure!


Kingsley deivers a perfectly timed  right cross that connects with his opponent . 


Another 1st round victory after the Chief Instructor knocks out a world ranked kickboxer


The Chief Instructor knees a kickboxer to the head. The fight was stopped in the 1st round


Fight Trainer


The Chief Instructor with IKF official and referee, Colin Payne, at Fight Night 5 in Berkhamsted on 19th May 201

Kingsley (together with 2nd Dan black belt Ian Coward) sharing some training tips with Jimmy Mac, James Degale's trainer

Kingsley shares some training tips with former IKF super-middleweight champion James Degale



In 2007 Kingsley was presented with the award of Sports Coach of the year by Hertfordshire Sports Partnerships

In the same year The Hertfordshire Black and Ethnic Minority Partnership presented him with a special award in recognition of his contribution to volunteering and for being a volunteers' champion.